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Liyn Hir Spring Sunset


Although I fish all year round I look forward to March with eager anticipation as it heralds the opening of the trout season. It is, to me, the start of the season and as such I look to mark the significance of the event by fishing somewhere special.
That somewhere special is Teifi Pools. The 'Pools' are a system of old reservoirs hidden in the barren Plynlimon Hills above the village of Pontryddfendigaid where day tickets are available from the Post Office. The fishing, controlled by Tregaron AA, comprises three lakes, Llyn Teifi, Llyn Egnant and Llyn Hir all accessible from a narrow, twisting mountain road from the crossroads at Ffair Rhos. The lakes are set in a remote and harsh landscape that I find is as beautiful as it is barren. It is a truly wild place.
The Pools are almost a 200 mile each way trip for me and in order to make the most of the experience I like to camp overnight. In March the weather can be unpredictable and camping should not be attempted without suitable equipment. March at Teifi Pools is not the place for an Argos tent and a summer weight sleeping bag!
My favourite is Llyn Hir, a narrow and more sheltered water than its two larger neighbours. These waters are ideally suited to the angler who likes to keep on the move - a short cast, work the flies and lift off - a couple of steps and repeat the process. These are wild fish who don't generally have the shoaling instincts of their imported, stocked cousins.
I like to use a long, light rod - a 10ft, 4 or 5 weight with three flies on a leader of 12 to 15ft. I find that a leader that includes some general patterns - a goldhead, hare's ear spider on the point, a hackled olive on the middle dropper and a Welsh Partidge on the bob can be a successful combination. The fish are lean, lightening quick and feisty - a reflection of their environment.
Teifi Pools is an environment to be marvelled at and respected. It is a special place and it angers me if I find carelessly discarded sweet wrappers or cans in the margins.
If you visit - take only a memory, leave only a footprint.

Olive Spider
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