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Lechlade - Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

It has been a long winter, a winter with only one grayling trip back in October and so the urge to feel the electric sensation of a taking fish had become almost unbearable. My first Wildfly 'adventure', the start of my season proper, wasn't until early March, the local reservoirs won't open until April ... where to go?

Lechlade is a well known 'big fish' water that stocks brown and rainbow trout to near 30lb in its 9 acres with an average weight of around 6lbs. So, it was with eager anticipation that I set off.

Conditions were very gloomy as I arrived in the morning, there had been heavy rain over previous days and I was keen to catch a glimpse of the water to check if it had become coloured. Notwithstanding the rain, the water was pretty clear and the air temperature was warmer than I was expecting as I tackled up with an intermediate line and a couple of small marabou tailed lures, flies in which I have enormous confidence. As I began to cover the water in front of me I expected that at any moment my line would tighten and I'd feel the surge of my first fish. An hour or two later ... I'd had one fish follow my flies to the bank, take, eject and turn away, a change of tactic was required. Off came the lures, on went the buzzers and a fish took immediately. At 3lb 7oz, surprisingly 'small' for Lechlade and a bit of a raggedy fish too. There's no catch and release at Lechlade so the fish became part of my four fish limit.

After lunch, the day continued to warm up, the sun came out, tiny midges were hatching and fellow anglers around the lake began catching. I replaced my buzzer point fly with an epoxy backed brown nymph that also had a gold tungsten bead and by 3 o'clock I'd added three more fish to my bag.

The fish were not as big as I had expected, none of them came close to the 'average' for the water and condition wise they weren't what might be expected. But hey! It's February, Spring is in the air and proper fishing starts in a couple of weeks!
Rainbow bead head brown buzzer
Epoxy backed goldhead nymph

The four fish taken.
4lb 2oz
4lb 8oz
4lb 7oz
3lb 7oz


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