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Qualified casting and fishing tuition.

Why instruction?
Firstly because I believe we all have the potential to improve - whether you are a novice who is just setting out on the amazing adventure that is fly fishing, an angler who has had a little experience, or an experienced angler (and I include myself in the latter category with forty years experience of fly fishing), there are always things we can do better!
Are you looking to improve your casting - avoid those wind knots and tailing loops? Perhaps you are looking to gain some extra yards or make the move from still waters to rivers? Maybe you are an experienced angler who recognises that you've developed some 'bad habits' that are limiting your fishing success and enjoyment?
By profession I am a teacher and recognise that we all have different learning styles - some of us are predominantly visual learners, some learn more by listening and others need to be 'doing'. Tuition, whether one to one or in a small group can be arranged in a location to suit and the session designed to address your personal needs. In the first instance please contact me via email -
or by phone on
07878 382867 or 01327 811528
- to talk about your requirements for casting or fishing tuition.

Paul Dunstan,
Member of the Game Angling Instructors Association
Level 2 Coach - Single Handed Trout
Enhanced CRB checked.
Emergency First Aid Certificate (nuco training ltd)
GAIA Public Liability Insurance - Indemnity Limit 5,000,000

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