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Elinor Trout Fishery, 19th March 2011

Elinor from the tube.
Click on the picture to be taken to the Elinor fishery website.

First trip of the season in my tube. I'd been to Elinor two weeks before on a very cold damp day and fished from the bank. It was freezing, the fish wre out in deeper water and I struggled to make contact with them and ended the day with just one fish with a few tales of the odd 'long distance release'.

What a contrast this day was, A day of brilliant sunshine and gentle, intermittent breeze. The water was however very cold and clear and I could feel it striking through my boots as I paddled away from the bank.

I'd set up two rods, a 10ft, 7wt with an intermediate line and a 10ft, 5wt with a floater. I started with the intermediate and two flies on a leader of around 14ft - a size 10 CDC Booby on the point with a Cormorant variant on a dropper 4ft further up. It wasn't long before the first fish came to the Booby quickly followed by another to the Cormorant. A few fish had been showing on the surface but at around 10.30am they seemed to disappear and everything went quiet. It seemed to me that this was an ideal opportunity to return to the bank, get a cup of coffee, thaw out my feet and consider the master plan.

Whilst eating lunch (and resolving never to buy another Ginsters product) I noticed that there was a noticeable warming in the air temperature and sure enough, a few fish started to show in front of me. Back to the tube and out with the floating line with an 18ft leader with a brown, bead headed pupa on the point, a black and red pupa 6ft up from that and a tiny black spider pattern on the top dropper.

I carry a small anchor in my tube which is a handy accessory when fishing a relatively small water where the boats tend to concentrate in fish holding areas. It's possible to move quite a way 'off station' when playing, unhooking or changing a leader and flies ... so the anchor comes into its own.

Results were immediate, with fish taking the pupae confidently and giving a good account of themselves in the cold water.

It was good to see that the fish were in sparkling condition, fully finned with no hint of chewed, stumpy tails.


CDC Mini Booby, Size 10
Fritzy Cormorant, Size 10 (Chewed!)
Brown Bead headed varnished buzzer, Size 12
Black & Red Varnished Buzzer, Size 12
Pearl Ribbed Black Spider, Size 14

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