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I think it's important to mention that I have no commercial interest or relationship with any of the companies listed.

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Winston Boron Bii-mx

I'll admit to having something of a love affair or obsession with Winston rods. Over time I've accumulated quite a collection of rods from many makers but, to my mind Winston are special. Winston have not followed the path of ever faster rod 'actions' and even though they refer to some of their more recent models as 'fast' they are not as 'tippy' as many other 'casting sticks'. Many people, more used to faster, harsher rods, describe Winstons as idiosyncratic. To me they cast beautifully and are truly lovely fishing rods. The cosmetics are restrained, the finish and cork exquisite, I own the following models;

6'9", 5 piece, 3 wt, LT
8' 9", 5 piece, 3 wt, LT
8', 4 piece, 4 wt, Biit
9', 4 piece, 5 wt, Biix
9', 4 piece, 5wt, Bii-mx
10', 4 piece, 8wt, Biix

Waterworks Lamson ULA

Lamson Waterworks make great fly reels! Their design, engineering and use of materials deliver reels that are exceptionally light, functional and very good to look at. I use the ULA, Litespeed and Velocity models.

Simms Guide Vest

Simms guide range of clothing is bullet proof! Ive worn my G3 Guide Jacket in apalling conditions and it has never leaked, the zips are waterproof and the pockets are sensible in terms of size and position. The G3 vest is a joy to wear with some very nice little touches - mangets sewn into the vest where nippers etc dangle from the zingers so they don't bounce around - a magnetic clip that holds both sides of the vest together without the need to use the zip, great for fishing in hot conditions. In addition their under wader thermal fleeces are a source of great comfort when the temperature plunges to below zero. Hats and gloves? Also excellent.

Pro Guide 3 Breathable Waders

Fact ... breathable waders will, sooner or later, leak, irrespective of the brand. Orvis Pro Guide breathable waders are excellent, as tough as any others I've used but what makes them outstanding is the renowned Orvis Customer Service that comes with them. Orvis UK are fantastic people to deal with.

Korkers Guide Boot

Korkers Guide Boots. I love them. They're built on a walking boot last and are comfortable and supportive when walking long distances. They're also very durable. I find the replaceable soles a great bonus, wading a rocky river ... in go the studded felt soles, next day walking to a distant lake ... pop them out and in goes the cleated rubber soles. My latest pair has the BOA Technology stainless steel lacing system that's operated by turning a wheel on the boot tongue. First impressions are that getting your boots on and off - if like me you're at an age when it appears your feet are getting further away - is much easier!

Fishpond Rodeo Rolling Duffel

When I started to fly fish a 'fishing bag' was a canvas affair, much like a woman's shoulder bag, that you piled your gear into and secured with straps and buckles. They were not waterproof and often lunch was a soggy mess, fly boxes became sodden, they took a lifetime to dry out. Today, the range of vests, packs and luggage is bewildering. They're constructed with waterproof fabrics, zips etc. They're comfortable to wear as weight can be evenly distributed. Fishpond manufacture a huge range of luggage and accessories and one of my favourites is a rolling duffel. Rod tubes, waders, boots etc fit into a rigid bottom section, separated from general clothing  by a neoprene barrier. Each section is individually lockable - ideal for air travel.

Solo Chest Pack

William Joseph, like Fishpond have brought a range of innovative products to the angler - packs, clothing etc. My favourite items are my Solo chestpack - great for deep wading winter grayling fishing, and an ultra lightweight rainjacket that rolls up into a small pack and fits into the back of my fishing vest - ideal accessory for an English summer!

The Ultra Midge Box

Slit foam fly boxes have been a major improvement in the preservation of our flies. C&F make a complete range of boxes, some waterproof, some specific to types of flies - tube fly boxes, waddington boxes and boxes specific for flies of all sizes whether saltwater or the smallest midges.
C&F fly tying tools and accessories are amongst the best you can buy. I use the C&F Ultimate Reference Vice and enjoy the opportunity to use the complete kit in a waterproof flybox when I'm away on a trip.

The Ultimate Reference Vice
Everything you need in a box!


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